What Does A Celebrant Do?

Professionally Trained

We are members of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, and Helen is a member of the Association of Independent Celebrants, who concentrate only on training and supporting Independent Civil Celebrants, who don't believe in a 'top down', 'template' approach to ceremony.  We believe that ceremony should be about your ideas and wishes.    Professionally trained to write and deliver ceremonies that encompass your requirements, we'll ensure that you and your special occasion are in good hands.

Work With You

We are here to perform the part of your special day that you, and those with you, will remember ~ the ceremony.

Our role differs from that of a registrar or religious service.  We are not constrained by time or venue or rules surrounding religious content.


This means that you can have far more than a usual, average ceremony!  You won't be confined to regular words of commitment or celebration, nor set vows or restricted pieces of music.  And you can hold your ceremony at a place of your choice: hotel, farm, field, back garden, mountainside, lakeside or pretty much anywhere you have permission.


We will work with you to write your ceremony.  It may be that you want a traditional ceremony but at a place other than those offered by existing institutions. It may be that you want to include cultural ideas or spiritual beliefs, that you hold dear, that are not reflected in regular council approved or religious services.

As Your celebrant, we will ...,

  • take the time to get to know you

  • create your ceremony with you ~ you might want to write your own words or leave it entirely to me:  it's your choice.

  • practice your ceremony with you (where appropriate); 

  • liaise with your venue

  • perform your ceremony in a warm and inclusive style.


Your day should be about your vows to each other or your naming ceremony, at a place of your choosing, in a setting that you want, with the music that you want, surrounded by the people that you want.  We are here to make that happen.

Merry makers love DIVERSITY and hold strong values of EQUALITY.  As your celebrant we will ask you what cultural, physical and spiritual needs you have in relation to creating your ceremony.  We are particularly interested in ensuring that people with disabilities can have the ceremony of their choice and will do all we can to make that a reality.

If you are getting married, you will still have to visit a Registrar to 'do the legal part'.  Only Registrar's (or Religious Institutions) can issue a marriage or civil partnership certificate.  This can be done at your local registry office (or approved religious venue), either before or after your celebration ceremony.  It can take as little as 10 minutes and does not have to include the exchange of rings or vows ~ that can be done as part of your ceremony with your celebrant.  We can advise you further about this if need be.