If it's a Wedding, Civil Partnership, Conversion to Marriage, Naming Ceremony, Age Ceremony or Vow Renewal that you want to create, scroll down for some ideas, but please remember, the content is up to you, and we'll be there to work with you to achieve your perfect day.

Weddings, Commitment or Civil Partnerships or Conversion from Civil Partnership to marriage

The choice is endless.  However you want your wedding, commitment, civil partnership or conversion from civil partnership to marriage ceremony to look, we can create it for you.  You may want to include your cultural or historical beliefs or add a dimension that is all about what you love in life, something that is meaningful to the two of you ~ virturally any theme is possible. Include your pets, your friends, your hobbies Here's just some examples to get you thinking, but they are totally flexible.  Feel free to mix and match because this is YOUR ceremony.



It may be that you want a traditional 'white Wedding' with an aisle, bouquets, ceremonial music and the exchange of wedding vows and rings, conducted within a traditional backdrop.  All of that is achievable. We will help you to prepare your traditional, white wedding ceremony

Some Variations!

 "Handfasting" is an ancient ceremony that derives from the custom of tying the bride and grooms hands and wrists together during the wedding ceremony. A specially made cloth was used to 'bind' each other's love and commitment.  It has strong Pagan & Celtic heritage.

"Jumping the Broom" ceremony symbolically sweeps away a couple's former lives as they enter their new life as a married couple. The traditional roots of this wedding ceremony can be found in African, Welsh Celtic and Roma Gypsy heritage.

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The 'Ceremony of the Elements' can find it's history within the Celtic reflections of the 'Four Elements': Earth, Fire, Water & Air and within the 'Five Elements' ceremony, created to represent the ancient philosophy of the Chinese Five Elements; Fire, Water, Wood, Earth & Metal.  Both ceremonies focus on the balance between all elements and can include representation of each element.

'Unity Sand Ceremony'      It is believed that Native Americans started this ceremony, which symbolises the inseparable nature of marriage. Historically, the couple threw a handful of sand in to the wind where it would combine and become unseparable.  One modern take on this ceremony is to mix glasses of sand together.  This can also be great for including extended family members in to the wedding.

Naming Ceremonies & Age Cerermonies

Naming and welcoming an infant or child into the family and community is a rite of passage found in very many different cultures.  Give your little one this opportunity, but at a place of your choosing and with the words and music that you feel are appropriate.  We are here to guide and suggest ways to achieve this and will work with parents or guardians to make sure that this ceremony brings your little one into this  important  custom.

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Like naming a little one, special birthdays can also celebrate rites of passage.  In many cultures, 18yrs or 21yrs is a recognised age of transition from a child to an adult, and historically, ritual ceremony was used to mark these occasions.  And celebrating special birthdays doesn't have to end at 21. Ceremonially marking the advent of wisdom within oneself is another opportunity for you to celebrate a special occasion at any age.

It's never too early or too late to 

renew your vows with the one you love!  Celebrate the achievements of your past together and the promises of your future.  If you feel that you want to add to your original vows, or, maybe with hindsight, you would have liked your wedding to have encompassed a more meaningful ceremony, as your celebrant,  we  will help you design and we will deliver the service of your choice.

other ceremonies

The ceremonies shown above are only ideas that are already recognised in popular society.  Don't let this stop you celebrating, with ceremony, any occasion that you want to ~ whatever event you want to remember as meaningful to you, as your celebrant we are here to compose and deliver.